Silly Season

I could never understand, as a young pup, when people said time is the most precious commodity. Now as a grizzled veteran of life,  at the ripe old age of 52!! I fully understand.  We are entering the silly Season with enormous demands on our time. Xmas parties to go to, shopping for presents,  family visits etc etc.I read somewhere the average person starts the new year 10lbs heavier due to overindulgence over Xmas &new year.
I have started circuit training with Kettlebell and bodyweight drills, for a maximum of 20 minutes a day and I am feeling the benefits immensely.  Combining this with my Krav Maga lessons is paying huge dividends. Time after time it pays to keep it simple, “Experts are people who master the basics” – this is so true. I’m planning on keeping it simple this Xmas, training with the circuits and 3 meals a day of good wholesome food, but Xmas day, Boxing day and New year’s eve will be enjoyed. 
Training is done in the morning so you start the day on a high..
Give it a good go,and start the new year ahead of the crowd

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Go hard or go home

We’re 12 days in to the new year and I am amazed at the times I’m seeing advertisements for the latest fitness trends. This year, and for a while previous, the trend seems to be for the hardest workout going. There is a series of DVD’s called Insanity being advertised, all the usual hype attached – get ripped in 60 days etc. Thing is every person I know who has tried this has ended up injured, some quite seriously. The body just cannot take the pounding that programmes like this give out. I have no doubt the guy selling these DVD’s is genuine, and used sensibly I can see the value in the training system, but I think for the average joe it’s way too much. Another trend is caveman training, and I’ve heard a few horror stories from that, one of the worst being an out of shape office worker doing box jumps and breaking their wrist. You can’t go from driving a desk and not exercising for years to doing box jumps or Plyometrics. There has to be some preparation work done first. In the interests of fairness – I know some people need protecting from themselves, but I do wonder when I see the tabata protocol hitting mainstream DVD. I haven’t seen this particular DVD apart from on an advert, but Tabata’s are not something you just jump in to. Perhaps with me being 52 this year, but I like everyone else only have so much time, energy and recovery ability. My main focus now is my 3 hours of Krav Maga a week, so any additional training has to be planned around that, I use Kettlebells and bodyweight training as an adjunct to my Krav Maga- which is a defensive tactics system, so I don’t need to train like a pro MMA fighter. I need a certain amount of strength & endurance but I’m not a pro, so I don’t emulate their training. In the words of Dan John -” keep the goal the goal”. I find a four day rotation on non Krav days serves me well. Two days based around strength, using kettlebell complexes and grinds along with convict conditioning style brief bodyweight workouts , then two days based more on conditioning, using kettlebell ballistics like swings seems to be optimum for me. The maximum time for these additional training sessions is around 30 minutes, but usually more like 20 minutes. Notice I say training sessions, as I am training for a specific goal in each session, strength in the strength days and endurance on the conditioning. 20 minutes doesn’t sound much – but try swinging a 32kg kettlebell for that time then get back to me!! Fridays are usually a day off from training – as I do 2 hours of Krav on a Thursday night, the last hour normally involving sparring so its quite intense. Weekends tend to have a longer training session

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A Change in Strategy

Reading the Strongfirst blog, I see all the time how getting stronger fixes most things. Also as a by product fat loss happens almost effortlessly. As we are approaching the busy season,  between now and Xmas,  I need a strategic plan to keep me on track with my training.  I am currently training 6 days a week with kettlebells,  for  around 20 minutes a time. General warm up is the resets from.original strength – these are awesome 
A couple of “naked ” ie no weight Turkish get ups this takes @ 5 minutes 
The training session is @ 10-15 minutes doing as many sets of possible of one kettlebell exercise in the alloted time. For example,  a favourite at the moment is double kettlebell front squats,  a heavy day would be sets of 6, a light day would be sets of 4 reps. I’m feeling fresh and strong after each training session,  and at 52 keeping up with the young bucks in my Krav Maga class.  My instructor asked me last night what I was doing, as I’m moving better and  looking sharp – music to my ears :-) 
I can see me using this protocol for a while yet, as It is really easy to fit in a busy life,  and it is working well

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Training 1/2-8/2

Sat 1/2 Kettlebell PHA
Bodyweight warm up
Push up 10
Bridge 10
Leg raise 10
Half get up 3 e/s
Cross crawl 10 5 min

Plank 30 sec
Row Suitcase Squat
10-8-6 24 kg bell 1 min between sets Total time 20 mins

Sun 2/12 30- 30 complex 1h swing Clean Snatch Clean/press Lunge Deadlift 2h swings Goblet squat Push press 1h swing 18 min Done on 30 sec work rest ratio 16kg bell Increased reps on all exercises 9504 lbs moved 237remaining

Mon 3/2 1hr Krav 236 remain

Wed 5/2 Kettlebell PHA Bodyweight warm up Push up 10 Bridge 10 Leg raise 10 Squat 10 Cross crawl 10 4 min

Press Deadlift Plank 30 sec Row Suitcase Squat 4×6 24kg bell 21 min 21 secs 

Thurs 6/2 1hr Krav

Sat 8/2 30- 25 complex

1h swing 18/18 Clean 13/13

Snatch 12/12 Clean/press 9/9 Lunge 13/13 Deadlift 15/15 2h swings 18 Goblet squat 11 Push press. 18/18 1h swing 17/17 18 min Done on 30 sec work 25 sec rest ratio 16kg bell

233 remain

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New Year , New goals New Challenges

My goal is 250 workouts this year. Training for function , so form will follow. Keeping it simple. Regarding diet – eat like an adult is the maxim I’m following
This week’s training

Sun 5/1
Swings 10
Snatch 5
Clean 5
4 rds 2 min rest between rds
2 rds with 2x16kb 2 rds with 1×16 kg bell
No energy today
249 remain
Mon 6/1 1 hr Krav 248 remain

Tues am Mobility – daily dozen
Push ups – knees 2×10
Leg raise 2×10
Bridge 2×10
Get up to hip 3 e/side
Frog crunch 2×10
Bridge hold 2x10sec
Twist hold 2×10 sec 247 remain
Thurs 9/1 2 hrs Krav 245 remaining
Sat 11/1 Kettlebell PHA

10- 8- 6
16/24/32 kg bell
Plank 30 sec
14 mins
Pressing was a little shaky on the 32kg but very pleased overall
244 remain

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My wife has been asking me what I want for Xmas. I told her I’ve had my 32kg Kettlebell, she’s not too impressed. She keeps saying she needs to get me more, I disagree. I really cannot think of anything I particularly want, because as an adult ,if I want something ,I work to get the money and buy it. I don’t want to sound like Scrooge, but these last few years I have struggled to think of something I really want for Xmas. What I would really like is a few days off work, spending time with my family. It’s been quite a busy time lately,and my health hasn’t been the best for a few weeks, so I really appreciate the fact I am getting healthier every day, and I am looking forward to starting back training at Krav Maga when that resumes on the 6th of January.
I have enjoyed getting presents for my niece and nephews and in laws, and am looking forward to Xmas day, but not for the presents, more for the chance of a bit of downtime and some great food.

Managed to squeeze in some training today :
1hand swings 50 each side 6 min 50 secs
Push up ladder 1  2 3 4 5 x1
@ 11 minutes in total.

Then off to do Xmas shopping- the way some people go at it you’d think the end of the world is nigh!

Then the boss wanted a new blind in the kitchen, diy has featured very prominent in my life these last few weeks.

Roll on around 8-00 Xmas eve when the shops are shut, works done for a couple of days, and I can’t be sent on any more wild goose chases.

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Training 14/12

Find recovery was not as good doing strength and conditioning together, so decided to try splitting them.  Leads to a shorter training session, so can focus better, plus with all the Xmas madness this time of year I’m better able to fit them in. I prefer training more frequently as well.

Half get up 3 e/s as warm up
Clean/press/row ladder 123x 4
Sumo deadlift 3×5
Push ups ladder 1 2 3x 2
What you might call a grind session.
Feel fresh after, now to get on with my day.

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